YAYI provides efficient IT solutions which are results of years of market and technical research. We test all the possible solutions available in the market, assess it's advantages and disadvantages and come out with most suitable solutions so SME - India. Below are the some of the most suitable solutions for small offices or education institutes. We also provide custom solutions, if the below solutions are not suitable for your requirments.

thinclient diskless client

YAYI Thin client or diskless client solutions

This IT solution can cut down the Capital expenditure (by up to 20%) and Operating expenditures (by up to 80%), YAYI offers diskless client solutions for your office or education institutions.


YAYI NFS, iSCSI, file server

If you are looking for a backup server to keep all your important files, videos, music files, database backup files or any other important files, we offer backup server with customizable hard disk space and network speed with NFS, iSCSI, SAMBA


CCTV or IP camera footage, storage solutions

CCTV users looking for NVR alternative, we offer YAYI NVR on a single board computers starting from INR 5600/- only.


YAYI private cloud

YAYI Private cloud using hypervisors, which saves electricity and consolidates the datacenter.

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring of IT infrastructure, and alerting the respective teams in case of service failure, using open source tools like Nagios, CA, BMC, HP tools.


Helpdesk / service desk solution

Helpdesk / service desk solution which enables our customers to improve their services.