Thin client or Diskless client solution

If you are a small office or education institute,and looking for a computer/desktop for your setup, normally you buy suitable (say i3 in most cases!) processor desktops, and connect them in LAN (Local Area Network).

Most of the time, we buy higher CPU, memory and hard disk configurations than the required one, because we will not be able to predict the future business demand and we end up in buying more IT than required!  While buying, we never think about how much we need to spend on managing these desktops and computers.

According to latest study, the operating cost of this kind of setup requires more electricity and man power to manage it.

Each desktop that we bought needs applications (like Microsoft office, email clients etc.), operating system, antivirus, hard disks. This adds to your IT cost. Also, the chance of failure is higher at the desktop/ computer side, since all the application, operating system and hard  disk is lying at the computer side.Each time it fails, you need system admin to fix the issue.


As a solution to cut down the Capital expenditure (by up to 20%) and Operating expenditures (by up to 80%), YAYI offers thin client or diskless client solutions for your office or education institutions.

In our thin client solution, we install a server which shares the operating system to the clients or the desktop terminals over the network, say LAN. So your desktops can be, any of the outdated PCs or thin clients (which consume very less electricity).These desktops act like a terminals and connect to the server. Technically you will be directly working on server and NOT on the desktop terminal. Because of this, even if your desktop / client side CPU /memory/ motherboard fails, you just need to replace failed terminal with the working terminal, and resume your job immediately without any major down time. So you don’t require many skilled system admins around to manage your big computer setup. All the configurations are stored at the server side and you need not have to worry about unauthorized USB access, antivirus installation, operating system installation, Microsoft office installation etc. etc….
Suppose, say next month, Microsoft windows comes up with new patches or newer version of windows, you can deploy these new patches or operating system within short durations (may be 4-5 hours) across your estate, which otherwise may take months to complete.
Above are the few advantages of Thin client or the diskless client solution. Please watch the below video to see how our solutions works.

To know more about this,please contact us for the demo or visit our office to see the live setup (as our office and training setup is running on this diskless client solutions).